Top 25 Digital Contractors


The construction industry forms the backbone of the UK’s economy – building the homes we live in, the roads we travel on, and the schools we learn in.  

Over the coming decades, the industry faces a monumental task: to build and retrofit low-carbon, resilient, affordable infrastructures faster and better than ever before. 

But currently the sector is bogged down by poor productivity, labour and skills shortages, and supply chain disruptions, and many contractors are struggling to adapt to increasing project complexity and stricter environmental regulations.

Companies that tackle these challenges head-on and innovate their business processes will be poised for significant growth. Those that fail to take the challenges seriously, however, will face an uphill battle to keep afloat.    

For those willing to make the change, the digital transformation of construction offers a golden opportunity. Digital technologies are proven to boost the overall efficiency and sustainability of projects, helping contractors keep on time, on budget, and maintain client satisfaction.

While these benefits are well known, adoption has been slow. But there’s nothing like a global crisis to shake things up a bit. 

Contractors with higher levels of digitisation were better able to adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many ways the pandemic was a catalyst for change, and demonstrated that digital transformation is no longer a novelty, but a matter of business survival.

But ‘transformation’ is about more than just technology, it’s about ideas-driven thinking, positive people culture, and flexible business processes. It requires a paradigm shift within the industry as a whole.

The end result? A more productive, profitable, and inclusive industry that builds more sustainable assets.  

Build in Digital is looking for the TOP 25 contractors (of all sizes) who can demonstrate they are at the forefront of the digital transformation of the sector. The best candidates will have delivered transformation by combining digital technologies with fundamental shifts in their business processes – to bring lasting, positive changes to employees, clients, and society as a whole.


The Judging panel will be announced shortly




Competition breeds innovation – pit yourselves against industry peers to establish where your organisation ranks.


Demonstrate to residents, stakeholders and the wider sector how your organisation is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.


Enhance your corporate profile and gain recognition for your sustainability journey, with each ranked entry being featured on Build in Digital along with receiving a kitemark logo for promotional use for the following 12 months.


Collaborate and share best practice with the other ranked housing providers at the Digital Contractors Top 25 webinar on the 30th June, where the 1st placed organisation will be asked to give a presentation on their sustainability journey along with a follow-up interview piece with the Editor of Build in Digital.

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