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‘The winners of Build in Digital's Top 50 Contech Partners competition have been revealed. The competition offers an independent account of the very best construction technology firms operating in the built environment.’

Paperless Construction is a cloud-based solution that enables construction companies to digitise health and safety compliance, workforce records, competencies, health and safety training, timekeeping, fatigue and more.  Our goal is to build the best-in-class apps to make compliance management simple, fast and easy by focusing on user experience in all research and development works (People, Process, Technology), ensuring the transition from paper to digital is fluid and painless – with all the complex processes, workflows and technology happening in the background.  Over the last few years, Paperless evolved and addressed many HSE compliance and covid challenges faced by the industry by automating manual tasks, enforcing “no-touch” briefings, improving efficiencies, reducing waste, and creating an instant audit trail of all compliance and training records.  This entry focuses on how Paperless Construction (Paperless) collaborated with multiple clients on 343 projects and across 17 sectors to overcome covid and compliance challenges, leading to significant gains in safety performance, productivity and sustainability.  Paperless is committed to creating a working environment that is safe and makes a lasting difference to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

XYZ Reality is on a mission to eliminate rework and is pioneering the construction industry with the world’s most accurate Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality (AR) headset, the Atom. By harnessing the power of the Atom, construction teams can view and position BIM onsite to 3-5 millimetre accuracy, validate in real-time and make immediate decisions in the field. This cutting-edge tool makes the entire construction journey safer and more efficient, reducing waste, de-risking processes, and allowing teams to build it right, first time.

ONE Creative environments (ONE) is a dynamic multi-disciplinary design company that specialises in digital construction.  Clients enjoy a single point of contact with access to a full design team: masterplanning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, civil/structural engineering, digital and building services working together at the forefront of BIM.  As early adopters of technology and with the vision of ‘Creating a better world through design, innovation and sustainability’, ONE specialises in creative digital solutions, maximising the potential of technology and is committed to R & D projects.  They are also committed to the ethos of data for public good and providing sustainable solutions.  The company has been recognised in several industry awards for digital innovation that resolve industry issues including those which have been implemented on high profile developments e.g. the multi-award winning Virtual Mockup developed with Multiplex, an innovative DfMA project and a SFG20 project for facilities management.  ONE’s Digital Twin Solution won the Best Carbon Monitoring Tool at the 2022 BuildingInnovation awards and enables clients to achieve their Net Zero goals at RIBA Stage 7 while, ONE Engage, their digital resident engagement platform provides an efficient and effective solution in response to the latest building safety legislation.

Revizto began life in Lausanne, Switzerland and began developing real-time issue tracking software for the AEC industry in 2008. The primary focus of Revizto is to provide a BIM collaboration platform for 3D and 2D workflows that enables users to work and communicate with all project stakeholders in a unified software environment. Currently, more than 100,000 AEC professionals in 150 countries rely on Revizto every day as a project coordination tool on thousands of construction projects.

We bring powerful 3D gaming technology and cloud solutions to solve real-world problems in architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management.

We are passionate believers in the power of technology & software as drivers for positive change in the AEC industry. For that we invented Revizto! Bridging the gap between design and build we help our users collaborate more efficiently, greatly speeding up the project cycle and as a result bring to life more sustainable projects.

KOPE is the first purpose-built software platform for offsite, taking you from early-stage design through to manufacture and assembly, where users can rapidly develop and analyse multiple offsite strategies.  KOPE accelerates the shift away from traditional construction to ‘productization’ by enabling the design, specification and procurement of offsite products and systems.  It empowers those creating the built environment to develop a more sustainable and repeatable construction industry.

Bentley Systems is the infrastructure engineering software company.  Bentley provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Their industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organisations of every size, for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, mining, and industrial facilities.  Offerings include ProjectWise for project delivery, the iTwin platform for infrastructure digital twins, and BCDE to optimise information and leverage data across the lifecycle of projects and assets.  Bentley are constantly evolving their offerings in response to challenges concerning resilience, sustainability, and efficiency. Their recently launched Bentley Infrastructure Cloud, powered by iTwin encompasses ProjectWise, for project delivery; SYNCHRO, for construction; and AssetWise, for asset operations demonstrating Bentley’s commitment to enable users to better design, build, and operate infrastructure more efficiently and effectively, and support their need to work smarter.

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud enables data that would otherwise be contained and restricted to single applications to be connected within evergreen digital twins, providing organisations with significant opportunities to improve collaboration, productivity, and quality.

Document Crunch is a contract intelligence platform that simplifies construction contracts by quickly identifying critical risk provisions and provides teams with guidance to make great decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle.  Document Crunch has been one of the hottest startups in this space over the last year, winning several awards including the CEMEX Ventures Construction Startup Competition hosted at BuiltWorlds’ Venture East Conference in Miami in 2021. The company is on a mission to empower everyone in the construction industry to understand what’s in their contracts.

Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity and data analytics.  By connecting the digital and physical worlds into a common data environment, Trimble construction solutions enable information to be accessed at the right time, by job function and project phase, improving productivity and generating greener outcomes.  Empowering the entire construction workforce, from design office to workers on site, operations, and management teams, with seamless collaboration tools, open APIs and flexible workflows, Trimble connects people, technology, tasks, data and projects with a single source of truth.  By incorporating these digital technologies into the construction workflow, Trimble is helping the industry work in new ways.  Where the flow of information between the digital, physical, and operation stages of each construction project is simpler and more streamlined.  In the UK and Ireland, Trimble offers the latest technology in: structural design and analysis BIM software, and steel fabrication management (Tekla); document management and site processes across Office, Team & Field (Trimble Viewpoint); 3D modelling and rendering (SketchUp); Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractor solutions (Trimble MEP); field technology (Trimble Field Technology) and hardware solutions (BuildingPoint UK& Ireland).

IES is a global climate tech company specialising in providing best-in-class digital twin technology and consultancy services to decarbonise the built environment. Over the last 28 years, they have built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis for the built environment and their technology has been used to help create more than one million energy efficient buildings around the world.  Bridging the gap between the real world and simulation, IES’ digital twin technology suite enables the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings and their associated energy networks. Providing intelligent, physics powered solutions to support the decarbonisation of built environments of any size or purpose and empowering informed decisions around how to meet their net-zero goals.  IES’ unique software technology is supported by expert consultancy, while their dedicated R&D department ensures their analytical tools and industry knowledge stays pioneering and innovative.

Mission Room (www.missionroom.com) supply and install unique, interactive, large-scale, immersive displays which are ideal collaboration tools allowing project teams to understand issues, gain insights and produce solutions quicker.  For the last decade Mission Room has been developing immersive solutions for infrastructure and construction organisations.  Our clients have seen the benefits of Mission Room 360°technology as a way of explaining complex, dynamic projects to their people.  Our systems allow teams of people to collaborate around complex Digital Engineering software. This could be design review meetings or, 3-week look aheads or site briefings (amongst many other use cases). This collaboration improves site understanding, reduces mistakes, increases safety and reduces operational costs.  Although our technology can be used in any industry, we have focussed exclusively on supplying the AEC sector.  In this respect we offer a unique service that maps to the real challenges that face companies in this sphere. Our systems and processes have been optimised for installation in construction site offices as well as head offices and to be used equally by site workers as well as IT professionals.

innDex was built off the frustrations of George and Aaron, two civil engineers with 8 years of industry expertise.  Having firsthand experience with a number of fragmented processes, they put their heads together and started mapping out a better vision for the challenges modern on site construction delivery brings.  As a construction technology business, our aim is to make use of 96% of data which is currently seen as a byproduct and wasted in the construction industry, offering affordable innovation to an industry with minimal margin. From Day 1, our mission was to improve construction and empower the people. We strive to empower every single member of the project team, eliminating silo working and keeping everyone on the project informed and connected. We’re also aware that the biggest asset in the construction industry is our people: that’s why we have developed a range of tools to protect and ensure workforce wellbeing, from fatigue management to access to mental health services directly through the innDex app, we do what is really workforce management.

SMEs are struggling to get paid whilst being pushed to deliver net zero.  ProjectPay is a secure SaaS payment platform for the building sector removing payment risk for project owners, contractors and subcontractors whilst calculating carbon emissions generated from construction activities to reduce emissions as part of the payment process.  ProjectPay digitises and connects all project payments to a digital project wallet, enabling fair and immediate payment of invoices from project wallets that cascade payments directly to project contractors.  This mitigates the broken and disconnected payment process, eliminating the risk of payments not being passed on to contractors who have done the work, which is the main cause of payment delays or no payment if the main contractor collapses.  It also mitigates the barriers and lack of efficiency of Project Bank Accounts, recommended by governments for use on building projects.  ProjectPay’s digital payments technology seamlessly calculates carbon emissions with trade-specific calculators on projects integrated with payments, providing incentive to reduce or pay to offset them.

The business has won multiple awards including the UK Building Innovation Award in 2021. It has also received recognition from the UK government, won an industry award for innovation and received extensive Innovate UK funding.

Elecosoft UK Ltd, provides software integrated solutions to support the lifecycle of buildings and facilities across a range of industries to drive efficient operations. From our centres of excellence in the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA, its established portfolio of software is used during early planning stages through to construction and facilities management, driving the performance and day-to-day operations of our customers’ businesses.

The product portfolio includes:

Powerproject: A project planning and management software.

With features such as drag and drop scheduling, resource and cost management, 4D BIM, mobile app and Powerproject Vision, provides a collaborative cloud platform to plan and manage projects in one place.

ShireSystem Maintenance and Facilities Management software-as-a-service is one of the UK’s leading maintenance management software solutions. It allows your company to have access to all your asset data in one place and ensure that planned and reactive maintenance are completed on time, to budget and are compliant.

IconSystem is a web-based software solution that allows to share and manage information quickly and efficiently across construction and fit out projects. It helps you gain control of your information, saving time & resource by providing you with updated information.

Payapps’ mission is to make the complex simple; to make the processing of construction applications for payment simpler, faster and fairer for all.  Their team of experts, software innovators and construction specialists have disrupted the industry’s reliance on traditional, inefficient and error-prone methods for managing applications for payment – like spreadsheets, emails and paper-based systems – by providing a digital, cloud-based solution. Accessed by main contractors and subcontractors, the solution supports supply chain collaboration to streamline and standardise the complete valuation process, from submission and assessment of construction applications for payment through to certification.  Globally, Payapps has been adopted by over 40,000 users, managing over £6 billion/annum applications for payment through the solution. UK contractors include Bouygues UK, Stepnell, Michael J Lonsdale, BlenheimHouse, TClarke and Watkin Jones.

Payapps works with best-in-class partners across the construction industry – Autodesk, Procore, Trimble Viewpoint, Eque2, RedSky and 4PS for example – the software seamlessly connecting with leading construction ERP, project management, accounting and financial software. This means users only need to enter data once for a complete and accurate view of end-to-end payment information within and across their projects.

Bricsys® is the global provider of cost-effective, modern Computer-Aided Design, Building Information Modeling, Mechanical Design and Collaboration products, brought to market under the BricsCAD® and Bricsys® 24/7 brands.

When it comes to construction, we are all still disconnected.  From project status to different teams and the actual reality on the ground.  We try to keep track with progress reports, but they are filled with opinions and assumptions. So at the end of the day we are disconnected from what is really going on.  That’s about to change. Introducing Connected Construction, powered by Buildots. The Buildots platform collects everything you could ever hope to know straight from the sites themselves. No opinions, no messengers. Just one central platform connecting you straight to reality. Whether it’s one projector or twenty, objective data is right there.  Whenever you need it, going as far back as you need it.  All progress tracked.  No details missed.  No facts assumed. Welcome to construction, not as it has been but as it should be.

Buildots provides a single source of truth for construction site activities.  By collecting data with hardhat-mounted 360 cameras and processing this data with the most advanced AI-based technology, the solution enables construction teams to keep building on schedule and flag mistakes in real time for better margin predictability.

TCW helps landlords unlock the potential of their data and deliver a safer, more efficient service to residents and the general public. Revolutionising data management TCW’s Compliance and Assurance software package retrofit’s seamlessly into clients’ current processes and provides more granular insight into Quality Assurance, Competence and Compliance.

Utilising all data contained in compliance certificates and increasing visibility of stock and quality through a searchable database goes beyond the “statutory compliance data” driven mindset.

This world-first technology turns data into meaningful information and facts, raising standards and providing duty holders with the assurance that they are minimising risk and maximising safety.

TCW – the only product Turning Information into Insight

ORIS is the first digital construction materials platform for a smart use of resources and low impact infrastructure, based on materials data knowledge and sharing.  Supported by Artificial Intelligence and its unique algorithms, ORIS assesses the impact of newly constructed or rehabilitated linear infrastructure (roads, rails, tunnels, bridges, etc.) designs in a multidimensional view. The platform allows the user to input parameters and data such as materials properties, geolocation, expected traffic and weather conditions for an effective and sustainable construction efficiency. Based on this data-driven analysis, users are able to make informed decisions to enable smarter material consumption, cost savings and equivalent carbon emission reductions.  By providing clear decision dashboards and a synthetic view on project impacts, ORIS paves the way for circular, low-carbon, resource optimised, safe, resilient and competitive infrastructure solutions.  ORIS has demonstrated its capacity to reduce infrastructure costs (on average) by up to -15%, carbon footprint by up to -50%, maintenance needs by up to -70% and natural resources by up to -80%, while improving safety and resilience to climate change.

ALICE Technologies (ArtificiaL Intelligence Construction Engineering) is the world’s first AI-powered construction optioneering platform. Able to simulate millions of scheduling options in minutes, it helps large contractors plan, bid and build complex infrastructure and commercial projects more efficiently and with lower risk. It can be used both during pre-construction and as a live management tool during construction. The result is a significant reduction of costs, by an average of 11%, and shortening of build time, by an average of 17%. In June 2022, the firm announced a $30M Series B funding round led by Vanedge Capital. New investors Bouygues, Gaingels, GRIDS Capital, JLL Spark, and MetaPlanet, joined the round alongside existing investors Future Ventures, Merus Capital, and Rising Tide.  The funding will fuel further product innovation and growth, alongside new recruitment around the world. It comes at a time when ALICE has been expanding its reach in the UK. The firm has been active in the UK for the last year, hiring staff in country and supporting clients on major projects such as HS2.

MachineMax is an award-winning equipment-management platform and universal telematics sensors for off-highway fleet, that work with customers to measure key metrics. The metrics providing the biggest impact include: utilisation, idling time, fuel consumption, emissions, location, and operating hours. This ensures that sites maximize their productivity, efficiency and profitability.  MachineMax came to life when Shell & BCG joined forces to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry.  We sent a dedicated team of engineers across the world to talk to equipment managers and immediately noticed piles of paper everywhere.  People are still tracking equipment utilisation manually because many machines are not connected to the internet and it’s too complex to consolidate the data from all of the different onboard systems for mixed fleets.  So MachineMax built a product which would be simple to use and works on all machines and provides a consolidated single data format.  MachineMax’s mission is to track and improve productivity through enhanced utilisation, providing actionable insights to eliminate excessive idling and cut down on emissions, globally.

3 years later Shell has become the sole owner of MachineMax. The company will continue to operate as a stand-alone organisation that benefits from being within Shell’s newly formed Sectors & Decarbonisation business.

PlanRadar is an award-winning, digital SaaS field management platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects. Operating across the globe in over 65 markets, PlanRadar digitises all daily processes and communication, connecting all construction and real estate project stakeholders. It provides real-time access to valuable data, enabling teams to increase quality, cut costs and deliver work faster. The easy-to-use platform also adds value throughout the building’s lifecycle, to all personnel involved, from contractors and engineers to property owners and managers, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes. Complemented with a dedicated app for mobile devices, its intuitive design allows users to plan and track the progress of construction projects, whilst providing oversite to other relevant personnel. Over 120,000 built environment professionals already use PlanRadar for solving issues on-or off-site. The company is also synonymous with fire safety, developing flexible software for clients to capture. They create and manage all the compliance and safety data to create the ‘golden thread’ for their own assets. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and with 18 offices across the globe, PlanRadar embodies digital construction excellence and is dedicated to improving industry best practices through innovative digital technology.

Founded in 2018, Dusty develops robot-powered tools for the modern workforce, automating construction’s most painful manual workflows. The FieldPrinter™ solution automates the BIM-to-field workflow through a combination of hardware, software, and services that fit seamlessly into existing construction work processes.  With Dusty, layout can be done up to 10x faster than traditional manual methods with 1/16” accuracy. In use by 17 of the top 25 GCs, Dusty has completed more than 70 projects over the course of more than 27,500 hours of robot operation.

Glider Technology was established in April 2016 as a digital solutions provider and BIM consultancy for the built environment. The company was formed as a response to a growing industry need for trusted, structured data to support the digitisation of the industry and provide better value for their clients.

Glider’s mission is to revolutionise how asset information is managed throughout design, construction, and operation of a built asset. Their ground-breaking, data-driven, Common Data Environment (CDE) for full lifecycle information management called gliderbim® provides asset owners with the tools needed to manage the production, approval, and delivery of all asset information.

Thousands of people across hundreds of companies use gliderbim® to manage their project information and data from Google, Lendlease, the Ministry of Defence, Deloitte, ISG, Tilbury Douglas, and Coventry University.

Since 2002, Bluebeam has set the standard for collaboration and workflow efficiency for architecture, engineering and construction professionals, with more than two and a half million builders in over 135 countries using its software.  Bluebeam offers customisable markup, measurement and document management tools for PDFs. This includes adding hyperlinks, metadata, comments, images, signatures and stamps to design drawings.  Because the data is linked to the document it allows for an auditable, digital trail, with everything conveniently in one place.  Bluebeam’s solutions help teams to work smarter and more efficiently, offering desktop, mobile and cloud-based solutions for paperless workflows that leverage data to improve communication and streamline processes across project lifecycles. It keeps project teams and clients connected in real time, no matter where they are located. This keeps everyone on the same page during design and construction. It also preserves important project data through handover and beyond, providing critical accountability every step of the way.  It is also simple and fast to onboard teams, with self-service licence management and deployment.

Administrators can set standard user profiles to ensure that everyone starts with the tools most appropriate to their role, and the Bluebeam University offers training courses at no additional cost.

measurable.energy are a UK based startup with a bold mission to eliminate all energy waste from the built environment, starting with Small Power.  Small Power often exceeds 40% of total electricity usage in commercial and office buildings. Up to half of that is from powering devices whilst they’re not in use which results in unnecessary GHG emissions and costs. Which is why measurable.energy have created a solution that automatically identifies, measures and eliminates Small Power waste.  measurable.energy achieve this by combining their unique smart sockets with machine learning and software.  This allows measurable.energy to automatically identify devices plugged into the sockets, monitor their energy use, report granular real-time data and turn individual or groups of devices on/off to prevent energy waste.  In addition, the sockets use light to indicate the live carbon intensity of the National Grid.  This drives impactful behavioural change as occupants opt to wait for ‘greener’ energy supply.  We can no longer afford to waste energy due to the energy and climate crises.  Make your Net Zero plans measurable, thus actionable!

RedSky’s Operational, Financial & Commercial software delivers tangible business benefits across contracting and AEC Professional Services industries.  With over 45 years of industry experience, and 1000+ satisfied customers across the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean and the Middle East, RedSky enables construction companies to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.  The award-winning RedSky’s solutions make real-time actions visible, allowing businesses to control change, eliminate risk, and achieve incremental gains from improved operational efficiency.  Offering a proven, best-in-class system with a comprehensive suite of integrated Apps, including project financials and commercial control, mobile field working, and information management, all underpinned with user-definable dashboards & powerful business analytics.

Improve Project Outcomes
As a data hub for construction projects, Gsite connects all project participants to a centralised construction management platform.

Users include Operatives, Supervisors, Project managers, Engineers, as well as all other members of the Construction team.

With a powerful mobile application and web browser interface it enables users to be as mobile as the construction project requires while still being able to work on the same tasks when back at the office.
Built on three powerful modules, it works excellent for small and large projects and helps streamline and automate the daily work processes.
Gsite has been used in over 30 000 construction projects around the world.

Field Management
Manage quality and safety issues, chat, share documents, checklists, and forms managed with workflows, reports and rich dashboards.
Project Progress
Create, collaborate and follow up on plans, tasks & status across both site & office.
Tracking & Logistics
A powerful and flexible tool to control the tracking of materials and processes on-site in a clear, simple and visual way.

Gsite is part of MagiCAD Group Ltd

Cadline is an Autodesk Platinum partner specialising in AEC and Manufacturing technology.Cadline’s dedicated Digital Engineering department provides multi discipline services, working within a variety of industries. Specialists in a variety of survey and modelling technology, applying it to anything from large buildings to plant rooms, to small mechanical components. Using the latest technology, workflows and techniques, we will provide a right first-time service. In the housing industry, we specialise in digitising existing buildings that have little or no digital / as built data, we also provide ongoing services to keep this data up-to-date, through to facilities management. We use our Dynamic AIM solution to bridge the gap between Design, Construction and Asset management.

Trench Networks are a specialist Internet Service Provider, that has been supplying the construction sector with secure, robust and reliable connectivity solutions, for more than 7 years.  With over two decades of actual industry expertise, Trench deliver a truly end-to-end solution to their clients.  Providing ‘Connectivity-as-a-Service’; a fully managed Internet access system, enables Trench to accommodate sites of all sizes and facilitates programme-critical functions including BIM, document control and collaboration tools.  Delivering connectivity solutions through an industrial grade router, the Outpost, each unit can be integrated with a selection of 8 complimentary technologies including 4G and 5G cellular, low earth orbiting satellite and fibre to achieve optimum performance. These connections are selected by their experienced site engineering teams at the point of install to ensure the best possible service is achieved in literally any location, urban or rural.  With a dedicated, in-house R&D team, solutions can be tailored to suit new and evolving projects; continually innovating and expanding the service as new technologies become available. Along with technical leadership, service remains at the core of Trench, creating long-term partnerships through close working relationships which adds value at every stage of the build process.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, Integrity Software’s construction-specific accounting and management software is used by UK and Irish construction businesses to control contract costs, improve the bottom line and get ahead of competitors with real-time reporting.

DiRoots is a leading global custom software and privately owned company well-known for software development for Autodesk (Revit, Forge, AutoCAD, etc.), Bricsys, Bentley, and web/cloud applications. In less than four years, DiRoots became the most respected and known plugin developer for Autodesk Revit. DiRoots team carries unique skills, knowledge, and experience within the AEC industry, from diverse backgrounds like Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, MEP, and Architecture.  We are not just software developers with little to no experience in the AEC industry.  Contrary, our team combines the best from both worlds, making us capable of working closely with the client to analyse and understand their unique needs and provide them with the best custom software solution.  DiRoots is a software development company specialised in creating and whose meaningful name originates from the phrase “DisruptiveRoots”.  A business meant to be the catalyst in revolutionising and inspiring the AEC and manufacturing industries. A mission to disrupt traditional workflows and processes by developing intelligent and freeware technological solutions to increase productivity and efficiency within this industry.

4PS designs, builds, implements and maintains the best software available for the construction, civil engineering and installation industries. With over 320 software engineers and implementers with a deep knowledge of the sector, 4PS deliver solutions that meet the needs of over 450 customers in different sectors across the globe.In the past few years, 4PS has grown to become a key international provider of software for construction, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, service and maintenance, house builders and equipment rental with offices in Birmingham (United Kingdom), Ede (the Netherlands), Ghent and Hasselt (Belgium), Ulm (Germany), and many international partners.  Together with their international partners, they deliver the innovative 4PS Construct software to users worldwide. 4PS offers them all the support they need to grow and succeed. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central platform, 4PS supports all core processes including CRM, estimating, dashboards, resource planning, plant, procurement, field service, graphical planning, mobile-enabled technology and more.

4PS Construct was voted Construction Management Software of the Year at the 2022 Construction Computing Awards.

C-Probe Systems has products and services that provide whole life resilience to structures in the built environment. This is made possible through the integration of low carbon alkali-activated cementitious material (AACM or geopolymer), called LoCem®, with data-driven sensors and networks to demonstrate performance of structures online over the long-term. These AACMs are an alternative to Portland cement that form mortars and concrete with a specific conductive formulation able to act as an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) anode cement to control corrosion in reinforced concrete and masonry structures. These binders are repurposed from industrial wasteby-products with no heat offering over 90% CO2e saving compared to CEM I. The Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems and our online AiMS facility, provides data to track performance and service life in use and comfort that the asset is managed for its whole life. This integrated package performs more than as benign build materials, but as smart remotely controllable systems to future proof a structure and report back its performance, whilst fulfilling the market need for low carbon data-driven solutions to infrastructure maintenance.

Archdesk is a construction management platform that gives complete control over projects, finances and processes. It weaves a golden thread of data through each business and its projects and supply chain. It’s perfect for the entire construction lifecycle, from planning to construction to operating.  Archdesk adapts to the company’s processes.  Instead of forcing them to change how they work, it takes their workflows and digitises them – automating, optimising and cutting the rest.  A construction firm’s knowledge is what makes them different. It’s the edge needed to beat competitors and get the job done. Archdesk amplifies that know-how.  On the front end, all the project financials and details are shown on easy-to-read dashboards in real time. It’s data you can trust to guide your decisions.

Smaller contractors might not need this level of implementation as they don’t have the processes in place. As they scale, they want affordable tech that scales with them while helping put processes in place.  Archdesk just launched Archdesk Essentials for smaller contractors looking for a lower cost of entry to digital technology. It’s a turnkey solution that gets them up and running fast at an affordable price. Archdesk is construction management software.

VisiLean is a cloud based construction management service that supports lean production planning and controlled workflow and a direct integration with BIM (Building Information Model).  Today, VisiLean is the only such service that offers the direct integration of the collaborative planning workflow with BIM.  It is proven that lean practices, especially the Last Planner® system, helps construction companies achieve significant efficiency savings, improve trust between partners and help deliver the project safely and within target costs.  VisiLean aims to support this workflow by providing specifically designed modules that support all phases of the pull production planning – including Phase, Lookahead (including constraints management), and weekly planning.  VisiLean enables real-time tracking of these plans through mobile apps and execution views, where crews can report back on progress and attach photos, and notes.

VisiLean: Digitalising the Construction Industry; Reducing Costs and Overruns; Project Planning & BIM Scheduling Solution; Project Planning Software with Fully Integrated Mobile Apps;  Unique Project Planning Software with 4D BIM Scheduling.

Egnyte is the only document management solution purpose built for the unique file-sharing and collaboration needs of the design and construction industry.  With Egnyte’s unique hybrid offering, construction companies can selectively leverage the cloud or a local server to optimise real-time access for all your critical project information.  With real-time file versioning, project life-cycle management and malware protection Egnyte customers can focus on what they do best – design, engineer and build.

The Square is a technology company that helps construction organisations, specifically subcontractors, automate and streamline business and workforce management processes. Technology has widely been adopted across other sectors and in all our lives in general. Whether ordering a takeaway or booking a taxi – the technology in the palm of our hand is transforming how we live and work every day. The Square uses these technologies to automate and streamline conventional, paper and human based processes in construction firms. By doing this, The Square empowers companies to make informed, data driven decisions that in turn create more transparent, more accountable, more efficient and more productive businesses.

Total Synergy are the innovators behind Synergy — a cloud practice and project management software used by architects, engineers, and built environment design professionals to deliver projects and make business life easier. Founded in 1999, Total Synergy has always focused on delivering solutions of excellence to the niche space of built environment design firms and is committed to giving professionals more time to design. Today, their software Synergy is used by more than 600 built environment design firms globally, with more than 16,000 users. Synergy is everything architects, engineers, and built environment design professionals need to work in one place, with anyone, from anywhere.  Synergy software combines planning, management, collaboration, and accounting tools — specific to built environment firms — in one, central place.  This brings clarity and control to business, accelerates project delivery, and creates a collaborative culture.  With an open API enabling connected cloud software, and a marketplace of add-on apps, it allows smart businesses to choose best-of-breed systems to deliver world class projects.

SafeGuard Applied Innovation is at the heart of the safety tech revolution.  The company’s novel data-driven technology prevents work-related accidents.

An industry leader, the SafeGuard automated decision-support platform enables global construction companies to save lives.  With offices in Asia and the U.S. and a long track record of dramatic declines in accidents, SafeGuard exclusive end-to-end solution is already impacting insurance rates as well.

Fexillon have been pioneering digital transformation in the built environment for over 22 years across sectors and mission critical infrastructure.  The company supports a number of leading blue-chip companies across Ireland, the UK, Europe and US.  Fexillon are collaborating with and supporting Owner Operators, their supply-chains and their FM teams, rethinking digital processes in respect of their productivity, environmental impact and health and safety.  Delivering Value for Owner Operators is how Fexillon measures success.  Fexillon collaborate with dynamic global Owner Operators to develop their digital transformation goals while meeting mission-critical challenges in the built environment sector.  Fexillon delivers a digital technology framework for the built environment that is based on industry best practice, as well as established and emerging international standards and is supported at all stages by an experienced team of domain experts.

Fexillon are global built environment industry pioneers with a track record of delivering innovative solutions and new ways of working while supporting Owner / Operators in their digital transformation journeys.

BIMBox is a centre of excellence for digital construction and BIM services, supporting consultants, contractors & estates teams across the built environment work more effectively.  We communicate BIM differently, less concerned about the acronyms and more about its advances in replacing cost and risk, with value and opportunity. Founded in Manchester, we are a team of experienced design and construction professionals, working with clients across projects of all values, sizes and sectors. Our love of collaboration drives everything we do and expands the way we work to plan, build and deliver unmatched value to our clients.  We’re passionate about sharing our vision of how digital transformation can help organisations achieve their objectives and positively solve the design, build and estates management obstacles of today.

With an ambition to continually grow as a hub of digital excellence, we offer our clients a single point of support for digital construction services and, endeavouring to humanise and communicate BIM strategies in a way that is people-driven at every step.

Re-flow is an award-winning field management software provider based in Exeter, Devon. Aiming to unite office teams and operatives on-site, the comprehensive, cloud-based system brings various crucial field management functionalities under one umbrella. This includes digital job sheets, task scheduling, asset management, digital forms, team communication and more.

Having firmly established themselves within the construction and civil engineering sectors over the past several years, Re-flow is widely recognised as a leading innovator within its sectors. The system is poised to solve common problems, including issues with efficiency, siloed systems, poor auditing, compliance and cross-team communication. Designed from the mobile application backwards, the system’s development was guided by feedback from field users. Re-flow is uniquely intuitive, offering ease of use that ensures a seamless adoption process.

Sablono is on a mission to provide best-in-class technology to make the execution of buildings more efficient, reliable, and safer for everyone.  Sablono is the world’s first construction execution platform specifically designed for large and complex construction projects.  The intuitive platform works to unlock maximum value on projects by providing unprecedented levels of detail and one version of the truth that seamlessly connects everyone and everything on a project in real-time. Collaborative task management and granular tracking bring clarity like never before to help users easily manage deliverables, streamline processes and deliver projects faster with far fewer issues along the way.

Next One Technology was founded in 2014 with the vision to digitise the daily operational work in the construction industry. The first application was Next Project in Sweden, a modern, mobile and fully cloud-based project and business tool with a sole focus on business, production, finance and salary. Next Project proved to be a success story, giving customers the ability to work in a fully digital and paperless manner, cutting down on duplicate data while improving efficiency. The concept of an all-encompassing, fully integrated business platform proved to be the correct approach. Next One Technology has developed another two products for construction professionals; both of which are gaining customers in Norway and the UK.

Eque2 provides innovative, cloud-based financial and commercial management systems for the construction sector, including everything needed to manage the whole lifecycle of a project. Being able to provide customers with this unparalleled range of solutions, from estimating to final accounts, has made the business the success it is today.

Eque2 has established unparalleled relationships with Sage and Microsoft – brands well known and trusted by customers. Being constructed and integrated with these brands makes the onboarding process much more straightforward and crucially means that customers moving to Eque2 can continue or start using best-in-class accounting solutions, rather than suffer the disruption of changing these systems, which is required with other construction vendors.

Unlike other construction accounting software providers, Eque2 customers do not need expensive hardware to use our cloud-based solutions. This means there are no large upfront costs required, and onboarding new customers is more straightforward. Customer retention rates are excellent with the average customer staying with the business for 14.5 years.

The transition of our products to the cloud over the past 18 months and listening to customers to ensure our product range is constantly evolving, has been key to maintaining our leading edge and success.

GAMMA AR is a construction app that allows you to visualise 3D (BIM) models through augmented reality on-site.  Seeing what was planned and what is actually there, allows you to catch errors early on and reduce their negative impact on the overall project.  Collecting and sharing relevant data between all professionals involved in the project facilitates communication and reduces repetitive documentation.

Through syniotec‘s solutions, the company digitalizes processes in the construction industry, offers a complete overview of the entire equipment fleet and creates full transparency within your company. From document-based to data-based: Through the SaaS solution SAM, you automate processes in your company and ensure higher efficiency.  This is the only way to successfully implement digitalization in the long term. Furthermore, syniotec has a wide range of IoT devices for optimal tracking and fleet management. Completely manufacturer independent the devices are easy and fast to install.  Important machine data is transmitted through syniotec’s IoT platform and then visualized in SAM.

TimeKeeper is the simple time and attendance system for small businesses, built to suit industries where workers are often remote, travel between multiple sites or work from temporary locations.  Employees can clock in and out via mobile or tablet with GPS stamping, track time against jobs, request holidays and view their timesheet whenever they need. Never worry again about calculating how many hours an employee has worked, how long each employee is spending on a job, how much overtime they are due or how much leave they have remaining.  Dedicated job reports allow you to see how much of your labour budget is being used across your various clients’ jobs so you can keep a close eye on your margins, and employees can add important notes, photos or signatures to a job straight from the app.  The TimeKeeper app utilises modern facial recognition software to protect against buddy clock ins, and utilises GPS geofences to ensure employees are on site when they clock in.

Fonn is a unified construction management software solution that increases productivity through streamlined collaboration. A web application in the office, and a mobile app on-site, Fonn is ideal for construction projects of all sizes.  Builders and workers can store pertinent documents, communicate in real time, and monitor projects off-site in a single platform.  Fonn simplifies communication so contributors stay informed and stay ahead of costly errors. Projects are done on time, and on budget—creating efficiency and saving money.  Fonn has allowed our users to deliver construction service excellence on over 25,000 projects worldwide.

SymTerra is set to resolve a unified pain-point across all construction sites: poor communication. SymTerra is built from site, for site – capturing vital information at the point of work by those delivering the work. Giving control to site teams and connecting the entire project’s supply chain to facilitate collaboration and efficiency, as the industry’s first bottom-up BIM! Founded by Sarah Crawley and John Ryan, a ‘wife and husband’ duo with 25 years of site management and engineering experience in construction, across both major infrastructure projects and healthcare projects.  Sarah first developed the platform in 2019, having completed a series of intensive care ward refurbishments for Mace, and soon brought on John to help grow the business. SymTerra is now a team of 17 people with over 100 companies using the platform.


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