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UK new builds must have EV chargers from 2022

by Sion Geschwindt
UK new builds must have EV chargers from 2022

Electric vehicle charging points will be mandatory across all new buildings and properties from next year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week at the CBI Annual Conference.

The new regulations will apply to all new homes and non-residential properties such as supermarkets and workplaces – as well as substantially refurbished properties with more than 10 parking spaces.

The government hopes that the move will lead to the installation of up to 145,000 EV chargers across England each year, building on the over 250,000 home and workplace chargers it has supported so far.

“With the majority of charging happening at home, this will mean people can buy new properties already ready for an electric-vehicle future, while ensuring charge points are readily available at new shops and workplaces across the UK – making it as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel car today,” the government said in a press release.

Tony Danker, CBI Director-General, said the Prime Minister’s announcement on EV charging is “exactly the kind of detail we need” to drive the necessary investment for a high-growth economy.

“That mix of high of ambition and focused detail can provide a blueprint for how government and business can work together to turn political aspiration into boardroom action.

“The UK has an opportunity to lead the world in the race to net zero. By making decarbonisation one of our economy’s big bets for growth, we can create the high value sectors, firms, skills and investment needed to level-up the economy.

“Business leaders will be heartened to hear about the role of the private sector working in partnership with the government to achieve our shared ambitions for a high wage, high skill, high investment economy.

“With many business leaders in the North still feeling bruised by last week’s decision on HS2, that spirit of partnership must kick into gear straight away so that Government, local leaders and businesses are able to find a better way forward to address those places that missed out.”

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