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UK partnership to explore potential of 5G in infrastructure and property

by Liam Turner
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Three of the UK’s largest construction and infrastructure have launched a partnership to explore 5G’s potential in the property and infrastructure sectors.

The new programme will see BAM Nuttall and AE Aerospace, working with 5PRING, to set a series of challenges for innovative start-ups and SMEs to solve using 5G.

The programme is part of 5PRING’s ongoing series of challenges to find 5G-enabled solutions for real-world problems that shape the future of the UK’s manufacturing and construction sector.

The 5G construction trial – called 5G-AMC2 (Accelerate, Maximise, and Create for Construction) – is being funded by DCMS’ 5G Create programme and is now underway.

BAM Nuttall is leading the group with AttoCore and Building and Research Establishment (BRE).

5SPRING is already participating in a government and industry-funded trial looking at how 5G can help to improve people’s lives and build back better after the pandemic.

The 5PRING programme with a specific focus on:

  • Plant operations
  • Remote operation: Operation of equipment and machinery remotely
  • Automatic visual validation: Validate end results against a digital design, defect detection and product quality assurance
  • Asset tracking: Accurate location tracking of equipment, tools or people on site
  • Remote working: Enable workers to work efficiently at a remote site
  • Machine time servitisation: wireless connectivity between machines to allow for high volume data capture
  • Site and factory monitoring
  • Remote monitoring: Machine monitoring and diagnostics
  • Site surveillance: Accurate autonomous surveys of the site
  • Site monitoring: Accurate monitoring of remote/pop-up offices

The UK government plans to deliver improvements in infrastructure and a public capital investment of over £100bn during 2020-2021.

Potential of 5G

Commenting on the partnership, Colin Evison, head of Innovation at BAM Nuttall, said: “As part of own trial, 5G-AMC2, we have created a stand-alone private network to explore and develop how the construction industry can leverage 5G and other advanced digital technologies.

“5PRING will give BAM Nuttall and the consortium the opportunity to explore 5G’s potential to leverage innovation in property and infrastructure sectors and create safe, efficient, and dynamic environments for the future.”

Ian Bouquet-Taylor, operations director at AE Aerospace, said: “Through this challenge, 5PRING will allow us to identify and test cutting-edge solutions in remote operations, site surveillance, and so much more to boost efficiencies while ensuring the safety and efficiency of our working environments.

“We look forward to supporting organisations on their 5G journey much like our own, sharing best practice and learnings for industry-wide adoption.”

Robert Franks, managing director at WM5G, added: “It is through partnerships such as those that 5PRING offers that we will truly be able to understand the real potential of 5G to revolutionise the UK’s major industries.

“The guidance and expert advice that our 5PRING teams can provide both virtually; and through our dedicated Accelerator hubs in Coventry, Wolverhampton, and Birmingham, are leading the way and showcasing what is possible through collaboration.

“Alongside this, the experience of both BAM Nuttall and AE Aerospace in the UK and across the globe will be vital to help shape and guide the ambitious plans and realising the innovative solutions to be delivered through the programme.”

Successful applicants will start working with 5PRING from 12 October 2021.

Image: Sunshine Studio/Shutterstock

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