US: Contech start-up acquires modular AI firm

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Construction AI software platform Slate Technologies has announced its acquisition of Splash Modular, a North Carolina-based software designer for the industrialised construction and design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA).

As a result of the acquisition, Splash will operate under the umbrella of Slate Technologies, which is based in California.

Splash, initially developed to facilitate industrialised construction (IC), connects design teams in the construction process with the manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain stakeholders, bringing data into a parametric design file.

Meanwhile, Slate, in March, launched a digital assistant for the construction industry that aims to help contractors and designers make better decisions based on multiple criteria from throughout the business.

Splash focussed its efforts on IC, which goes beyond offsite or modular fabrication of portions of a project, bringing to the fore industrial engineering principles, standardised design, and automation.

It subsequently launched its software tool, RIVEIA, a cloud-based BIM-integrated software platform and marketplace bridging data flow between pre-construction, offsite construction facilities, and supply chain partners.

The software facilities novel approaches to construction including mass customisation and autonomous project delivery through a two-way data flow between project stakeholders.

Speaking to Splash Modular CEO and current Slate Technologies vice president and head of Industrialised Construction Joel Hutchines said: “Splash is focused on getting data in the hands of a designer to help them productize their processes.

“Slate is really more focused on project manager and the general contractor. We are looking more at the data getting into the hands of the designer, and using this scripting as a service model, we have developed to build out a tool modular and offsite suppliers can use to productise their process and build value to generals.”

Image: SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock

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