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US’ first public EV charging road planned for Detroit

by Sion Geschwindt
US’ first public EV charging road planned for Detroit

Michigan Department of Transportation has awarded Israeli power company Electreon a contract to build an electric road system in Detroit, billed as the first shared public electric charging road in the US.

The mile-long road, which will be built in the Michigan Central district, will be able to wirelessly charge battery-powered vehicle while they are moving or stationary.

Stefan Tongur, Electreon US’ vice president of business development, said: “Michigan’s automotive industry roots built a foundation for mobility innovation and we’re thrilled to join this community of experts.

“Our technology has the potential to support electric fleets of all types from public transit buses to delivery vans and long-haul trucks for logistics.”

Oren Ezer, Electreon’s chief executive, added: “This is a monumental step towards expanding our US presence and team, and it’s exciting to start in the birthplace of the modern automobile industry.”

The project is due to become operational by 2023.

Image credit: Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

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