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US robotics firm unveils ‘affordable’ autonomous reality capture robot

by Liam Turner
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US robotics firm SuperDroid Robots has unveiled a new subset of inspection robots designed for reality capture, including both autonomous and remote control models.

Reality capture software allows for the creation of 3D models based on unordered photographs or laser scans without seams.

SuperDroid Robots’ new autonomous reality capture robot. Credit: SuperDroid

With this technology, buildings are often presented in 360° virtual walkthrough tours.

Construction companies use reality capture software to monitor progress on jobsites to reduce rework and improve schedule accuracy.

Meanwhile, facility managers and building engineers use it to plan projects with less downtime, provide virtual access to outside contractors, and compare changes made in the environment from one point in time to another.

Steven Uecke, CEO at SuperDroid Robots, said: “From manufacturing to construction, reality capture is becoming mainstream, but most companies don’t tap into the full potential of the software because they don’t collect data often enough because it can be laborious and quite dull, so we automated the data-collection process.”

The benefits of an autonomous reality capture robot, according to SuperDroid Robots, are threefold:

  • Automation: The robot travels across a facility or construction jobsite without an operator, moving around potential obstacles while navigating to specific waypoints
  • Scheduling ease: The robot can scan the entire area during the off hours to alleviate privacy concerns from workers
  • Software integration: The user can import the 360° images into most reality capture applications companies

North Carolina-based SuperDroid Robots has been providing custom robotics solutions for more than 20 years.

Main image: Untitled Title/Shutterstock

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