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Vattenfall trials wireless EV induction charging

by Sion Geschwindt
Vattenfall trials wireless EV induction charging

Vattenfall is trialling wireless induction charging of taxis in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a move that could transform electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

The induction charging tests will assess how a fleet of taxis can be charged wirelessly, with payments taken electronically.

Taking place at two locations in the Swedish city, the charging station sends energy through the charging pad, which is picked up by a receiver unit in the car. A unique vehicle identifier makes it possible for Vattenfall to keep track of due payments.

Susanna Hurting, Vattenfall director of E-mobility, said: “At Vattenfall, we always strive to improve ease use and customer experience. To be able to test new technology in close collaboration across industries and organisations brings great value for future development and to work towards fossil-free living.”

The induction charging project is an ongoing three-year collaboration with Volvo Cars, taxi operator Cabonline, hardware supplier Momentum Dynamics, Göteborg Energi and the development agency Business Region Gothenburg.

The project hopes that pooling resources will lead to significant breakthroughs, with consequent long-term impact on electrical charging solutions across Europe. 

The cars will be used for more than 12 hours a day and drive 100,000 km per year: this is the first durability test of fully electric Volvo cars in a commercial usage scenario, paving the way for future developments in this field.

Image credit: Vattenfall

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