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Virtual construction tech to be repurposed for UK rail travel

by Liam Turner
A person using augmented reality at a train station

Technology used by the construction industry is set to be repurposed to create a passenger orientation guide (POG) for rail travellers in the UK.

Developed by 360-degree content provider Mission Room and TransPennine Express (TPE), the guide has been designed to help travellers navigate stations and trains in a post-COVID-19 world.

In construction, Mission Room has worked with 3D Repo to create an immersive 4D learning environment for the HS2 Balfour Beatty-Vinci joint venture.

The POG is intended to help reduce passenger anxiety and explain the specific parts of the station and train that are involved in a passenger’s journey.

According to the developers, the POG takes the complexity out of a trip and explains it using simple and immersive images.

Based on information the customer provides about their journey and individual circumstances, the POG will build a personalised, visual 360-degree tour that will take them from the station entrance, to their platform, onto the train, and to their seat.

It will be able to customise tours to take account of personal disabilities and simplify journey preparation.

The technology can be accessed in the home or out and about via the web or in the station via a touchscreen kiosk.

The POG project will focus initially on routes and trains running out of Huddersfield Station, one of TPE’s main stations.

Once the technology has been proven on this project, it will be rolled out more widely across the rail network.

The technology is also set to be offered to international rail operators.

Image: steph photographies/Shutterstock

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