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VisiLean: Transforming workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud® integration

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VisiLean: Transforming workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud® integration

VisiLean delves into the transformative potential of their integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, exploring eight ways by which it revolutionises workflows in construction management

Disconnect between site team and office teams has always been a major issue in construction projects. A recent study by Autodesk® says that 52% of rework at construction sites is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

This is where an end-to-end cloud-based construction management system, like VisiLean, comes to the rescue. 

We believe in crafting construction management solutions that will enhance and make workflow easier for our clients. With this as our core philosophy, we have collaborated and integrated with industry majors over the last couple of years. 

VisiLean is now thrilled to announce our integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, one of the biggest names in the construction industry.

With this integration, we are taking a step ahead to bridge the gap between site and office teams by reinforcing our BIM capabilities with Autodesk Construction Cloud®.

It allows our users to bring in their Building Information Data (BIM or CAD) through their favourite platforms and deliver it to construction teams. 

VisiLean adopts the capabilities from Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Viewer, Model Derivative, Data Management, BIM360 and BIM360 Issues.

We also leverage Autodesk Forge® and their development platform, which provides a set of web service APIs that can be easily integrated into clients’ applications for effective production control.

The Forge platform helps enable effective visual management, empowers processes while seamlessly connecting with your teams and their workflows, and delivers real-time actionable insights.

Enhanced for you, powered by Autodesk®

Allow us to introduce you to a list of features that will be enhanced through VisiLean’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®. 

#1: 4D (Live)

As you know, VisiLean facilitates importing models that can be linked to a production schedule. Once this process is completed, the stakeholders can see it in both task and model view with 4D Live, an integral part of VisiLean. 

Through this, you can add a wide gamut of data to different components for generating schedule-connected spatial information and enable a step-by-step visualisation of your project development. 

Integrating the BIM models with the production management systems can streamline and reinforce the production schedules with relevant building and site information. 

Click here to see how Real-time 4D BIM Visualisations help to enable production planning and control in VisiLean.

#2: Reality check (Planned vs actual)

With the Autodesk® integration, VisiLean has introduced a quick visual comparison of Planned vs Actual.

This shows the client clearly what is being done on the worksite compared to the originally planned stages of construction.

This lets the stakeholders know where they stand and where they need to improve. 

Take a look at this video to know what the Planned vs Actual renditions look like in VisiLean now. 

#3: Seeing is believing (4D Simulator)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million! VisiLean makes use of the 4D Simulator to understand and show the client how the project is progressing day by day in a visual format that is easy to understand.

The 4D simulation allows VisiLean to incorporate the fourth dimension of Time into the mix to provide users with enhanced use of site planning and coordination.

It also improves design document quality by constantly evaluating the design against constructability.

Using this method, issues can be identified and eliminated at the earliest opportunity, and progress can be compared with the plan. 

#4: Seamless integration (BIM in mobile app)

VisiLean takes pride in being a platform that offers our clients the ability to work seamlessly across devices in both online and offline modes.

With this integration, VisiLean will make use of the Autodesk® Forge® platform to allow access to their design documents, models as well as the ability to access and review them remotely. 

Check out the details on the mobile app. Click here for Android LiveSite and iOS LiveSite.

#5 Track the changes (version management + comparing)

When you are working on a project, it is normal for it to go through different modifications and alterations.

With the integration to Autodesk Construction Cloud, VisiLean allows for Version Management, control, and comparisons.

In simple terms, it means that the various teams can track each of the changes or versions at any stage in the process. 

Each version allows the team complete clarity. It also gives them the feature to go back and compare with an earlier version with clear visibility of changes, to help fix any errors that can be fixed.

Don’t worry, while you are doing these version updates, we will take care of your 4D linkages. 

# 6: BIM360 Doc Management Integration

Construction projects these days need various teams to collaborate for the best outcomes. It is essential to establish a common data environment that will be a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

However, this is often not the actual practice. If you do not use a project management solution, the messages get lost in the process and work may get delayed. 

With the BIM360 Doc Management Integration, our clients will be able to make use of a single platform for document management.

This allows our clients to enhance the sharing, viewing, and managing of documents and models anytime and anywhere in one place.

Having this single source of information allows for a reduction in errors, ensures transparency and builds greater trust among the stakeholders. 

#7: BIM360 Issues Integration

Tracking issues and finding a viable fix is a crucial part for construction project management. Our clients use BIM 360 Issues to keep a record of a wide variety of design and construction-related issues. 

By using BIM 360 APIs, VisiLean is now able to leverage the BIM 360 issues with VisiLean’s constraint log and link these issues with tasks, which helps clients manage all issues throughout production at a single platform.

Integration also allows VisiLean to establish effective Model Coordination with respect to on-site construction.

This provides the users with complimentary constructability coordination within workflows. This harmonious issue management connects BIM or VDC teams with the site teams, seamlessly across devices. 

#8: 2D Mark up

At VisiLean, we try to make the process simple for everyone involved. And we believe that seeing something makes it easier to visualise it better.

With our 2D Mark Up, a user can import, highlight, comment or connect tasks on their drawings.

This will give the user a clear idea of the current status of the project and help the user to make better decisions and be in control.

With VisiLean, we enable teams to collaborate in real-time with 2D Mark Ups, all the way from the site teams to the office! 

“The simpler the digital workflow is, on the construction site, the better. Digitalisation enables capturing and documentation of all the events and operations during the construction phase in the quality and production management.”


Martin Zilliacus, COO at VisiLean, said: “Delivering value-adding integrations between the VisiLean cloud services and established products from industry-leading partners like Autodesk® is going to help construction teams around the world to focus on the essential.”

At VisiLean, we know that digitalisation is the way forward. Our goal with this integration is to always provide you with the best of what both companies can offer.

Build in Digital Stakeholder VisiLean delivers cloud-based project management software for construction that enables real-time communication and collaboration between teams.

Image: Gorodenkoff – Shutterstock

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