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Vizcab raises €1.2m to launch new environmental data platform

by Liam Turner

Vizcab has raised €1.2m from Banque des Territoires and Europe’s largest proptech venture capital firm, A/O PropTech, to launch a new environmental data platform.

Vizcab, which provides data-driven carbon reduction technology to the construction industry, will use the monies raised for the launch of Filtr, a new platform that will provide and promote a range of environmental data for construction products.

Banque des Territoires and A/O PropTech had initially invested €1.6mm via a Series-A to accelerate the development of Vizcab.

The importance of environmental data for construction is only growing as governments around the world implement regulations aimed at improving building sustainability. 

In France, new environmental regulations for new buildings (RE2020) have been in place from January.

Its major challenge is to significantly reduce the building’s carbon emissions, including the embodied impacts.

In the UK, the government has adopted the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) recommendations that decarbonising the UK’s housing stock will be vital if the UK is to meet its legally-binding net-zero targets by 2050.

Policymakers have drawn up new building regulations to ensure new-build homes built from this year are more energy-efficient.

Vizcab says technologies such as Filtr will be crucial in helping construction firms slash their environmental impact.

What Filtr does

The Filtr platform will automate the generation of environmental declaration sheets and propose a score to provide transparency on the environmental impact of products – much like the warning labels on food in supermarkets that indicate if a sandwich is high in fats.

This can be a valuable tool for engineers, architects, and owners, who must manage the carbon budget of their construction projects.

These professionals need to understand the impact of the materials used while maintaining the right balance of cost, performance, and impact.

Image: Christina/Unsplash

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