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Wagners announces global launch of Earth Friendly Concrete

by Sion Geschwindt
Wagners announces global launch of Earth Friendly Concrete

Australian construction firm Wagners has announced that London will serve as a global launchpad for its new generation building material, Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC).

EFC is made from a binder consisting of industrial waste products, ground granulated blast furnace slag, and pulverised fly ash with no Portland Cement.

According to the company, the product is more sustainable than traditional concrete, with around 70% less embodied carbon, saving 250kg of CO2 per cubic metre poured.

EFC’s performance advantages over ordinary Portland cement also include improved durability, lower shrinkage, earlier strength gain, higher flexural tensile strength, and increased fire resistance.

In partnership with Capital Concrete, Wagners EFC has so far been utilised on the HS2 project with over 900m³ used for the temporary works piling mats as well as 2km³ for haul roads and crane bases – saving 725,000kg of embodied carbon thus far.

Jason Zafiriadis, general manager for Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete, said: “The official launch of Earth Friendly Concrete® in the UK is the next big step for Wagners and very timely in the two weeks of COP26. 

“We are excited to be attending and exhibiting in Glasgow and cannot wait to be able to demonstrate how and why EFC is the world’s only zero-cement concrete that has been proven at scale.

“Demand for concrete is growing, but progress in reducing the carbon content of cement and the cement content in concrete has been far too slow. We are ready to accelerate the reduction of the carbon footprint in construction.”

Wagners will be exhibiting in the Australian Pavilion at COP26 on 11 & 12 November.

Image: First ever pile built using EFC in London (Credit: Wagners)

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