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Why digital snagging tools are vital for data-driven decision making

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Digital tools that allow the user to stay in control even when working remotely are crucial, says Ed Controls‘ Stephen McMenzie. Here, Stephen explores the ‘most crucial’ benefit of a digital snagging tool: insightful data-driven decision making

The construction industry has traditionally been slow to adopt technology. But after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to embrace the benefits of remote working. Snagging is no exception.

Snagging in construction is the process of documenting small defects that need to fixed. A snag refers to the defect itself, and could be anything from a chipped door to a scuff on a wall.

Snagging is a crucial step in the construction process, as more often than not there will be problems that arise or defects to resolve – regardless of how good your team is.

Research by Warwick Estates shows that on average new build homes come with 157 snagging issues. With a total of 10,743 new homes sold across England in 2021, approximately 1.6m snagging issues must be resolved by new homeowners.

Having access to relevant information to make informed, data-driven decisions is vital in construction. With a digital snagging tool, workers are able to see the complete overview of a project at every stage, with all the necessary information available in one place, accessible to the right people.

With digital snagging apps like Ed Controls, you can quickly and accurately carry out audits, quality checks, and inspects digitally and on location.

Thanks to quality management software, the collected information is made permanently available, along with automatically generated inspection reports, allowing for insightful decision making in current and future projects.

“Having access to relevant information to make informed, data-driven decisions is vital in construction”

Data-driven insights could include anything from the number of tickets you can complete in any given amount of time to the average time it takes to complete a job.

With this information, you can improve your projections for future projects by estimating the length, cost and the amount of labour involved in upcoming projects.


Since 1988, Dandara has been designing and building properties for residential and commercial use.

Karl Staniford, quality manager of the property developer Dandara, says he cannot imagine doing his work without Ed Controls.

His company is in the process of introducing the easy-to-use snagging software all over the UK. Since Dandara moved to digital snagging with Ed Controls, things have changed for the better.

“No paper lists anymore, no trying to understand what someone has described on a piece of paper, no looking for lost notes,” he says.

“There’s no compiling photographs for paper reports anymore and no second guessing, jumping from project to project.

“With Ed Controls, I know exactly where I am at the touch of a button.”

That saves a huge amount of time, Staniford adds.

Digital snagging tools exist because they help construction workers manage their projects more efficiently and this technology continues to improve.

More firms are adopting digital tools as they recognise their benefits, including insightful decision making and become more fit for the future.

Project management tools like Ed Controls monitor the quality right from the start of a project whilst saving considerable time.

Any action points are immediately directed to the right person. This way, you avoid problems piling up just before completion of the project, and you are able to make insightful decisions for the future.

Build in Digital stakeholder Ed Controls is a no-nonsense snagging and project management tool. With Ed Controls, you will work pleasantly and efficiently with colleagues and project partners. Snagging, defect management and quality control is straightforward. Get a clear overview of what needs to be done to make your project a success. Smart, fast, simple.

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