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World’s first 3D-printed church set for California

by Sion Geschwindt
World's first 3D-printed church set for California

Don Ajamian Construction, together with building 3D printing firm Emergent 3D, is set to build the world’s first 3D printed church in Tehama County, California.

Commissioned by the Lake California Community Church, the new facility will feature interior and exterior walls 3D printed using a concrete system developed by COBOD.

The roof will still be traditionally constructed and the church will have a conventional concrete slab.

According to Don Ajamian, Owner of Don Ajamian Construction, the church will save around 10% on the cost by opting for additive manufacturing.

Jim Laxson, the Pastor for Lake California Community Church, commented: “We’ve been trying to build a church now for 20 something years, and now with the 3D printing, we’re going to be able to build it more economically.”

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As well as the cost savings, the move to 3D printing is expected to drastically expedite the build time of the church. Since the walls will be fabricated one layer at a time, both the interior and exterior segments will be printed simultaneously without the need for any structural additions, greatly speeding up the workflow.

Once the project plans have been submitted to Tehama County Building and Safety, Ajamian will work with Emergent 3D to 3D print the church sometime around the end of summer 2022.

The partners are now waiting for the COBOD 3D printer to be shipped over from Denmark in April.

Image: Rendering of the upcoming Lake California Community Church design (Credit: Don Ajamian Construction)

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