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World’s largest electric crane now under construction

by Liam Turner
A CGI of Mammoet's SK6000 electric crane

The first parts of a new 6,000 tonne electric ring crane are set to be delivered to Mammoet’s engineering nerve centre in the Netherlands.

In the months ahead, fabrication and production will continue as it the crane is readied for its first project, with delivery scheduled in 2024.

The crane, which can be fully operated using electric power, is set to become the world’s highest capacity land-based crane.

Mammoet says the 6,000t ring crane “sets a new standard” in worldwide heavy lifting capacity and allows customers to construct heavier and larger components.

CGI renderings of the Mammoet SK6000 in action

It adds that the crane has “unrivaled outreach, hook height, and lifting capacity”.

The new crane, named SK6000, shares the same engineering DNA as its predecessor, the SK350.

Like earlier models, the SK6000 is containerised, which Mammoet says enables swift mobilisation and on-site assembly, providing ultra-heavy lift capacity when needed.

It has been designed with next generation offshore wind farms in mind; though it can serve onshore wind farms as well.

In the conventional energy sector, Mammoet says the SK6000 allows offshore and floating infrastructure projects to reduce integration time by building large topside modules.

On land, Mammoet says, it helps refineries to reduce downtime by removing and installing larger components with minimum disruption.

Images: Mammoet

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