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World’s largest ‘real concrete’ 3D printed building unveiled in Oman

by Sion Geschwindt
COBOD 3D printing oman

The German University of Technology in Oman, GUtech, has announced the completion of the world’s largest 3D printed building made with real concrete.

The house is 190 sq.metre, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and guest reception area. It was printed in two stages.

The 3D printing was carried out by Danish company COBOD who, in collaboration with CEMEX, have developed a way to use ready-mix concrete for 3D printing.

This new cement mix, called D.fab, has a special additive that allows the concrete to be poured while another additive added during the printing process speeds up the curing process.  

At the launch, Dr. Hussain, Acting Rector of GUtech, said: “Today’s display of the first 3D printed building is perhaps the first step in the 1,000-mile journey. A step that will not be a success without the support of all parties involved. 

“In this regard, I sincerely thank all the local and international parties who contribute to supporting the centre and the University. We hope that this centre will play its part in supporting Oman’s efforts to achieve Oman’s Vision 2040.” 

Commenting on the new concrete mix, Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD International, stated: “While we have been happy to help various cement and concrete manufacturers develop dry mix 3D printable mortars, we have also insisted on that a solution for making real concrete made from local available materials would be needed for mass application of our technology.

“We are more than pleased that CEMEX took on the challenge, and proud that we in cooperation could develop the new solution, which GUtech has now applied to the first building in Oman.

“With the low cost for the printed materials, on top of the savings from not needing formwork and the minimal crew needed to operate our printers, our disruptive technology is now more competitive than ever before in Oman and everywhere in the world”.

Image credit: COBOD

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