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XYZ Reality’s AR solutions go global

by Sion Geschwindt

XYZ Reality has announced that their engineering-grade Augmented Reality (AR) – known as HoloSite – has been launched globally.

Coinciding with the global launch is the unveiling of the Atom, which XYZ described as “the most accurate AR headset for construction”.

HoloSite enables those working on major construction projects to see full-size 3D projections of site plans.

To date, the technology has had a limited scope, but following a successful £20m funding round in June, XYZ has launched globally and is set to open a US headquarters.

This makes it particularly beneficial for projects with complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, such as hospitals, data centres, and pharmaceutical facilities.

The Atom is a safety-certified hard hat with AR displays linked to HoloSite – the device positions BIM onsite to millimetre accuracy.

Atom makes the entire construction journey safer, smarter and more efficient, reducing waste, de-risking processes and delivering bottom-line benefits for contractor and asset owner alike, says XYZ.

Founder & CEO David Mitchell said: “Technology is transforming the way the construction industry operates, enabling contractors to deliver higher-quality more efficiently.

“Since inception, we have seen a greater understanding of the potential of AR to achieve better outcomes and improve margins.

“This commercial launch is a definitive proof point of our product’s value and the substantial appetite for it across the industry, particularly on mission-critical projects where the highest levels of accuracy are required.”

Image credit: XYZ Reality

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