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ZHA reveals sustainable design for Ukraine’s Odesa Expo 2030

by Sion Geschwindt

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has revealed plans to host a global trade fair in Ukraine’s port city Odesa.

The project is named Odesa Expo 2030 and ZHA is handling the overall masterplan.

It will feature multiple clusters of pavilions powered by renewable energy and designed for disassembly.

The buildings will be constructed using recycled materials and debris, and are designed to fit into barges for easy delivery via the nearby Black Sea.

Another major focus is to ensure no useful materials go to waste in a country that badly needs all the concrete and steel it can use.

“The bespoke approach to designing and constructing national pavilions of previous expos has often resulted in significantly increased construction costs and time, together with higher embedded carbon and reduced flexibility for any future use,” explained ZHA on its website.

“Addressing these issues, Odesa Expo 2030 will offer the participating nations the choice of a kit-of-parts to construct their pavilions. This flexible modular system will provide participating nations many varying options to design their pavilion using practical, creative and visitor-friendly principles that enable each nation to individually reinterpret the over-arching theme of Odesa Expo 2030 via their country’s unique cultural expression.”

Once the expo is over, all of the pavilion buildings created will be dismantled and transported for use across Ukraine to find new use as government and administration buildings and the like.

ZHA has joined the Ukrainian delegation at the 171st General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris to present the proposal. If successful, the plan will be for it to be built in time for use in 2030.

Images courtesy ZHA

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