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Zutec launches Golden Thread Dashboard

by Sion Geschwindt

Zutec, a provider of common data environments (CDE) for developers, clients and asset owners in the residential sector, has today announced the launch of its new Golden Thread Dashboard.

Designed to capture building information across the asset lifecycle, from design to digital handover and maintenance, the solution provides one place to store, register and manage information while helping firms meet regulatory compliance.

It has been specifically developed to support the construction and building maintenance industries to prepare for the imminent arrival of the final provisions of the Building Safety Act (BSA) 2022 later this year. 

Jeslin Joy, Head of Solutions Engineering at Zutec, says: “With the UK Government’s new building regulations putting an emphasis on digitising data, the golden thread of information will become a fundamental requirement for ensuring building safety and accountability.

“It is therefore more important than ever to have a robust client tool to manage information from design to build and beyond, and to prepare for this early.

“Taking the pain out of the document management process, our dashboard offers a comprehensive, consolidated and integrated perspective to building information for users, which is aimed at facilitating and achieving golden thread compliance for clients.”

According to Zutec, the new dashboard enables users to define, track and quality check all necessary documents required for compliance with the gateways set out in the BSA, as well as other building regulations. 

Users can track actions, outstanding deliverables, snags, and remedial works against trade/work packages, so nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to the construction, operations and maintenance documents for a building.

Managing RFIs, responses and changes to a build can be done within the tool, with details recorded for effective management of safety measures and auditing. Certificates due for renewal can also be monitored and updated. 

With search and sharing functionality, all stakeholders get transparency which helps firms meet regulatory requirements in the operations phase too.  

The platform aims to remove the complexity often seen in CDEs, so end users can focus on what matters most – ensuring the safety of tenants and proving their compliance with a full audit trail should it be needed.

Joy continued: “We are seeing asset owners and developers keen to firm up on their information management strategies, as the industry moves closer to achieving a golden thread of building information.

“Client CDEs play a vital role in this longer term; therefore we have built our dashboard in the Zutec CDE to minimise risk, enhance collaboration and streamline the transition of information from construction into the operations phase.

“By adopting our approach, you own your data so you can ensure critical information is always up-to-date and easily accessible. This instils confidence in building safety for operations teams, as well as occupants who see safety as a top priority.”

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