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Houston unveils 100-feet-tall solar-powered art installation

by Liam Turner
CGI projection of the LAGI's completed solar-powered art installation in Houston

The City of Houston is looking to demonstrate its climate leadership ambitions with ‘Arco del Tiempo’ (Arch of Time), an innovative art installation by Riccardo Mariano.

The 100-foot triumphal arch in Houston’s East End will serve as a gateway to the neighborhood, as well as an interactive time-measuring device that will use sunlight to create unique beams across Guadalupe Plaza Park.

With solar modules integrated into the sculpture, it will generate 400,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, offsetting energy demand for nearby cultural hub TBH.

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) led the project, aiming to promote renewable energy through art and design.

The Arco del Tiempo was initially a competition entry for Abu Dhabi but adapted to fit Houston’s context.

Over its lifetime, the artwork will remove 8,500 metric tons of CO2, becoming carbon neutral by offsetting its embodied energy.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner praised the project as a renewable energy power plant and a symbol of the city’s energy innovation.

He said: “This unique artwork is more than a sculpture; it is a renewable energy power plant; it is a monument to a new era of energy.

“The City of Houston has always stood at the vanguard of energy innovation, and the Arco del Tiempo artwork stands in that tradition, highlighting Houston’s role as an art city and as global leader in the energy transition.

“We are inspired by the vision and creative thinking; marrying clean energy, the built environment, and truly World Class art is Houston.”

The artwork will also function as a public stage for events at night, serving to enhance community engagement.

The initiative aligns with Houston’s Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the city to establish itself as a global leader in the energy transition.

The project was delivered by LAGI in partnership with Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

Houston’s Civic Art Program and multiple city departments have been involved in bringing the artwork to life.

Through Arco del Tiempo, Houston hopes to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, resilience, and creative solutions to address climate change.

Image: CGI projection of the LAGI’s completed solar-powered art installation in Houston. Credit: LAGI

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